GNOME# 2 - The Revenge of the Documentation

So I'm launching into a project to teach myself Mono/C#/Gnome#, and I have happened back upon the main reason why I don't do development in those libraries and languages: The docs absolutely suck. Almost none of the tutorials I can find are written with the main standard development tool in mind, MonoDevelop, and so I fall back to the library documentation included in MonoDevelop.

The library documentation in MonoDevelop which includes such lovely pages as this.

Thanks guys. I mean, I can guess at what the strings app_id and app_version mean, but only after a few minutes of frustrating recompiles, and runtime errors I discover that the appname cannot have whitespace in it. This despite the clear violation of that rule in the Mono Handbook tutorial.

Of course, I realize these guys are Open Source developers, and as such, documentation is often the thing that suffers, but take a cue from the PHP and Perl folks. If you write good docs, they will come to your language. Then maybe you'll have developers capable of fixing the memory leaks.