Cold Fusion is NOT dead... ColdFusion is LIFE!

Over the last year or two there have been various reports that ColdFusion is dying, and that it's a forgotten technology. This has caused much furore in the CF Dev community, since a good many of them have built their careers on ColdFusion evangelism and ColdFusion development.

However, the recent TIOBE Rankings for April 2008 show that not only is ColdFusion not dead, but it's actually on the rise once again. While it still ranks below the likes of Ruby, Python, and C#, ColdFusion has surpassed Lua, ActionScript, and Groovy.

Of course, there are plenty who will argue the validity of using the TIOBE index, since it's based on Search Engine results, rather than actual market positions, or sales figures, but at very least, ColdFusion is doing a good job of generating posts about ColdFusion programming all over the internet.