Not again.

So, after the Christmas 2003 incident, you would think my family would have the good grace to avoid Heart Attacks on holidays. Unfortunately, we apparently forgot to tell my grandfather. We got news this morning that he is in the Hospital in Minneapolis after suffering a heart-attack at some point last night. My uncle Gerry and my grandmother are there now, finding out more details. My parents, who are visiting my sister and I in California are looking into cutting their trip short and heading home today to be at his side, and to be there for him.

Apparently Grandpa Ness has been feeling "not well" for the last two weeks now, but he's a stubborn old coot, and only sought out medical help on Tuesday or so of this week. I can only pray that he hasn't let this go too long, and that this is just something that he can recover from, and learn a lesson from. Regardless, I'm looking into flights to Minneapolis right now, and figuring out what I need to do to be there.