I am Adam Ness, a 37 year old software developer currently building Python and Angular applications for SPS Commerce located in Minneapolis. Me and my lovely wife live in the frigid climes of Northfield Minnesota, where we live with our five cats, one red tail boa constrictor, siberian husky, and several chickens.

I've been doing software development for nearly 15 years, some in C and C++, but most of it in Perl, Python, PHP, ColdFusion, JavaScript and Java.  I'm also conversant in C#, JavaScript, ActionScript, VB, Boo, and a handful of other languages. I'm a huge supporter of Open Source Software, and though I don't like the Microsoft Hegemony, I will admit they've made a few quality products.

My beliefs are complicated, but I consider myself a Catholic, and a Liberal, though in both cases I often find myself in conflict with many of the other adherents.

Generally, my blog covers about 50% personal stuff, and 50% technical stuff.  I try to make sure that all the personal stuff is categorized as such, so if you're picky about what you read, tune to one of my categorized RSS feeds.